The African Grass Owl (Tyto capensis), which is listed as regionally Vulnerable, has experienced a 30% decline in population size over the last

10 years.

Current research on this species focuses on 

populations in the northern areas of South Africa, the

Eastern Cape and the Garden Route.


There is a small remnant population present on the Agulhas Plain for which there is very limited data and information available.


The Agulhas Plains African Grass Owl Research Project will address this lack of knowledge regarding this Vulnerable species’ ecology and population size, as well as conservation threats on the Agulhas Plain. This dedicated research project will collect essential baseline information on presence, preferred habitat and range of the African Grass Owl in this region. This data is crucial for the development of reports for individual landowners to advise them on management actions to ensure the survival of this magnificent species on our Agulhas Plain, as well as filling the knowledge gap on this vulnerable species, and laying a foundation for future research on this sub-population. 

The Agulhas Plain Grass Owl Project is funded through donations made by Organizations and avian lovers across the world. We are currently in the first phase of the project, having completed majority of the desktop studies needed to start the first field surveys. 


Our expenses include fuel cost, basic survey equipment procurement and maintenance, and volunteer sustenance. 


Please #HelpUsScience by making a small donation to the project.  

Our African Grass Owl Research...


We have been fortunate to be allocated Small Grants, and financial support, from these organizations - thank you!


We work with a team of wonderful Conservationists and Organizations in the Overberg, we support each others projects, and assist with data collection where possible - you rock!

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