Translating Science for Everyday People...

One of the biggest challenges that Conservationists face is to get their message over to the Scientific Community and Everyday People. The Funder, Sponsor or Landowner with whom NGO's, Organizations and Businesses work does not always have the background or interest in the Scientific way of thinking that most Conservationists function on in their daily vocations.
Science should speak to Everyone.
...Bionerds translates this Science into Everyday Conservation, for Everyday People in Everyday Language...
making it easy for NGO's and Organizations to communicate the important outcomes of their projects, the work they do and their research results. We also work with Landowners, translating Biodiversity Surveys into a Visual Communication which they can use to inform staff, share with their friends and neighbours, or display in their cottages and lodges... the opportunities are endless.
We offer tailor-made designs, whether it is a high-end Project Evaluation Report, a Visual Diary or a Landowner Biodiversity Survey Report - it will be in a format that will speak to your audience - working with you, hand in hand, from inception of your document to delivery of the printed product in your hand - we are there all the way!
Page through these reports we did for some of our clients...

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