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Our involvement with the Chameleons in the Grootvadersbosch Forest has led to us becoming a contributor to the Herpetological Tissue Bank of the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI). We travel vast

distances across the Western Cape and we have various Biodiversity Conservation Network

partners, and members of the public, that notifies us of species of interest in the areas we

work in. 


These tissue samples are very important to present and future research on the various reptiles

and amphibians. 


We collect tissue samples of  certain live  specimens  (without causing any of the animals

damage that  would hamper  or influence  their normal  activities) as well as tissue samples

from roadkill  specimens.  This is done throughout the  Western Cape and Northern Cape

on all of our travels and across  various species,  as well as various  individuals from the

same species but different localities.  These tissue samples  will be used by  researchers studying

geographical  differences in  one species.  For more  info on  the DNA  bank, please  click on the

SANBI logo. 


*** Please note that this is an activity that triggers permitting requirements, Bionerds are covered by Western Cape, Northern Cape and Eastern Cape permits for this purpose. 


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