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We did our first BioSurvey in 2011 on a private reserve in the Little Karoo, and we soon realized that there is great value in dedicating 48 hours to surveying a tract of land and its various ecosystems - contributing to the general knowledge of species diversity as well as creating species guidelines for ecological planning and management.


We have involved a plethora of scientists and naturalists in the fields of mammalogy, entomology, ornithology, botany and ecology - building up a pool of specialists to draw from for future biological surveys across the landscape. 


When we moved to the Overberg, and subsequently the Klein Karoo, we could apply this knowledge of BioSurveys to further our efforts in the various positions we held in the conservation sphere - surveying newly proclaimed nature reserves as well as private properties that had been signed into conservation stewardship.

Bionerds, after 6 years of BioSurvey experience, now offers this service to any member of the public who has a tract of natural land on their property and would like to know which species share their landscape. 



Landowners will be able to spend time in nature with us ~ and have the option of receiving a tailormade BioSurvey Report that includes a species list and information on species of conservation concern.



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Sound and sustainable conservation management decisions can only be made when it is supported by scientifically proven methods.


We equip landowners with the knowledge to identify ecological needs, develop informed management decisions, set objectives and implement prioritised interventions to reach their conservation goals.








Integrated Management Plans:



An Integrated Management Plan provides a strategic tool for on-site natural resource management according to key management objectives.


This would allow for the landowner to develop and manage their property to ensure that its values and the purpose for which it was established are achieved and maintained.  Further, the management plan will provide for capacity building, future thinking, and continuity of management in both principle and application. 


Emphasis will be placed on providing conservation management principles and guidelines - as well as assisting the Landowner in regards to the scheduling of specific management interventions.









Spatial (GIS) Mapping


Spatial (GIS) Mapping can be utilised for permitting applications, biological support, digital mapping or spatial development and is tailor-made to landowner requirements.


Mapping from landscape scale to property scale allows for the generation of maps that capture data visually with respect to development, land use, invasive plants, fire management units and critical biodiversity areas.


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