"Passion is lifted from the Earth itself by the muddy hands of the young; 

it travels along grass-stained sleeves to the heart. 

If we are going to save environmentalism, and the environment, we must also

save an endangered indicator species...

the child in nature." - Richard Louv

Tomorrow's Game-Changers

Environmental Education

The best way to teach a child the value of nature is to take them into nature, show them what is special about our environment - why it is important to conserve it, and what the benefit will be to them and their surroundings to become the next generation of Bionerds. 


One of the biggest conservation challenges that directly impact on every one of us alive and yet to come in the beautiful world of ours is River Health. Without healthy Rivers, as well as clean and accessible water there is no future for our ecosystems or for us as a species. 


We take groups of children out to do river health assessments through SASS sampling, getting to know our aquatic invertebrates and how we can use them to gauge the state of our streams and rivers. 


This is not only a service we offer to schools and institutions but also a service we offer NGO's and Organizations which has certain projects which are in need of an implementation body to meet project goals and key performance strategies.


Please contact us to discuss your Environmental Education needs!



Adult Based Learning

Adult based learning plays an important role in assisting adults, both in-filed professionals and Previously Disadvantaged Individuals employed out of local communities, to develop new skills, increase their knowledge, gain helpful qualifications and improve their career prospects. 


We work with organizations to identify and mentor individuals through training in critical skills that would benefit them in their work environment and in future positions or job opportunities. 


Our Adult Based Learning services include training individuals on terrestrial as well as aquatic survey techniques, biodiversity data collection, data capturing and species identification - as well as biodiversity communication techniques. 

Do you work with local communities? Do you need assistance with Adult based Learning in your biodiversity environment? 

Give us a shout, let's see how we can help you to help your employees!

Our Outreach & Adult Based Learning...

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