Bionerds Roadkill Research Database

No-one likes seeing dead animals on our roads...


This loss of life does not have to be in vain though, heart-breaking as it may be, recording these mortalities are important to contribute to science.

Biodiversity Surveys cannot always record all species that occurs within an area, and roadkill records can contribute to the baseline data sets of area of occurrence for species throughout South Africa.

High roadkill incident zones can also be identified for possible implementation of mitigating measures, and the impact of roads infrastructure on local populations of species of conservation concern can ensure that the correct actions are taken when considering future roads development.

Bionerds has teamed up with the African Herpetological and Biodiversity Institute in recording all roadkill observed during our travels, and we would like to ask your help with this. Citizen Science is a powerful tool that can be harnessed to support conservation efforts across many projects.

We need your help!

Submit your roadkill records to Bionerds: 

Step One: send the following message via WhatsApp to +27 (063) 461 5964: I would like to contribute to the Bionerds RRD Project!

Step Two: Bionerds will then send you the link to the application we use to capture our data, with the login details and instructions on how to label your contribution.  


Step Three: when you find any roadkill, open the App, and load the record.


Step Four: We tout transparency, and anyone that uses our login is welcome to use the data, you can pull the data from the App, or alternatively request data for a specific area or family from us for your records - we will also load all of the roadkill data onto the Animal Demography Unit Virtual Museum Projects to ensure it contributes even further to science!!!


Step Five: Tap yourself on the shoulder!!!! You are now officially a bio-nerd! and your submissions have now contributed to our knowledge of species distribution as well as afforded scientists a chance to find mitigating measures for roads infrastructural threats to our biodiversity!

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