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We are lifetime conservationists, with a passion for People and Living Landscapes.


The future of our biodiversity-rich country lies in the hands of our landowners...


Together, we find a path of ecological understanding, learning from the environment, identifying sustainable management practices, and assisting landowners to take custodianship of their natural environment.

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Do you want to know more about the fauna and flora that call natural portions of your property home? We can help you to understand the species composition, identify species of conservation concern, advise on monitoring actions and draw up a species database for you to build on. We offer Surveys to suit your environmental requirements.


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Your Responsibility...



Sound and sustainable conservation management decisions can only be made when it is supported by scientifically proven methods. We equip landowners with the knowledge to identify ecological needs, develop informed management decisions, set objectives and implement prioritised interventions to reach their conservation goals. Need our assistance?


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Environmental Awareness...

We work with future conservationists, from the young to the old(er)!

We provide environmental education to schools, planting a seed of environmental awareness and conservation in our younger generations. We also host talks and workshops -  as well as guided walks on request, 

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We recognize the need for hands on learning.

We would like to see standardized biodiversity survey techniques and data capturing across conservation sectors - to this end we work with in-field profesionals teaching them survey methodology, data cpaturing, spatial data collation and database management

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Our Research

Agulhas Plain African Grass Owl Project

We are tackling the enigma of a small unknown population of African Grass Owls around the southern tip of Africa, solving their mystery can secure their future...

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Herp DNA Collection Collaboration

The collection of tissue samples from live and dead reptile and amphibian species are very important to present and future research to help us solve taxonomic mysteries...


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Social media is such a great awareness tool! We use social media to educate the masses, and to share all of the amazing creatures we find with the people that cannot join us,

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All our Research & Projects are Self-funded...

We rely on sponsorships and donations - which means that we need you to #HelpUsScience

You can help us by donating towards a specific project, or by sponsoring much-needed equipment.


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Breviceps montanus

Cape Mountain Rain Frog