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biodiversity inventories, baseline datasets, species specific surveys

We offer various biodiversity survey options that involve spending an intense period of biological surveying in an attempt to record all the living species within a designated area - this includes all fauna and flora. By surveying a designated area and its various ecosystems we will contribute to the general knowledge of the biodiversity on the site, as well as setting a baseline for the development of guidelines for ecological planning and management.


Integrated Management Plans, Standard Operating Guidelines

An Integrated Management Plan provides a strategic tool for on-site natural resource management according to key management objectives. This would allow landowners/organizations to develop and manage their property to ensure that its values and the purpose for which it was established are achieved and maintained.  Furthermore, the management plan will provide for capacity building, future thinking, and continuity of management in both principle and application. Emphasis will be placed on providing conservation management principles and guidelines - as well as assisting in regards to the scheduling of specific management interventions.


biodiversity monitoring, annual audits

Our services includes the implementation of monitoring projects focussed on all aspects of biodiversity conservation - including long and short term monitoring projects, species specific monitoring projects with research elements and annual audits. 


mapping, spatial planning, drone mapping, alien density assessments, fire management

Spatial (GIS) Mapping can be utilised for permitting applications, biological support, digital mapping or spatial development and is tailor-made to landowner requirements.


Mapping from landscape scale to property scale allows for the generation of maps that capture data visually with respect to development, land use, invasive plants, fire management units and critical biodiversity areas.


adult based learning, in-field professional training, critical skills development, mentoring

Adult based learning plays an important role in assisting in-field professionals and people out of local communities, to develop new skills, increase their knowledge, gain helpful qualifications to improve their career prospects. We work with and mentor individuals through training in critical skills that would benefit them in their work environment. Our skills development services include training individuals on terrestrial as well as aquatic survey techniques, biodiversity data collection, data capturing and species identification - as well as biodiversity communication techniques. 


protected area expansion, biodiversity stewardship, formal proclamations

We assist private landowners and conservation organizations to achieve long term formal protection for properties with conservation benefit by guiding them through the process of protected area proclamation and biodiversity stewardship.  


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