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We have always taken incredible joy in being able to showcase the ecosystems that we are privileged to call home, and in doing so, Bionerds will hopefully inspire a more symbiotic relationship between the Public, Landowners, and our natural environment.


Working together, we identify the most pressing conservation needs and assist with Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management, Research Projects and Environmental Education, as well as Professional in-field Skills Development. 


Our Family is as diverse as the Living Landscapes we live and work in - we spend our working hours implementing projects and assisting landowners and organization where possible - and our spare time looking for the small and elusive species we have not yet seen across our country - always eyes to the sky looking at the birds, torches lighting up the cracks in rocks to find lizards, geckos and snakes - or nose to ground to find spiders and plants. There is so much to learn and we make the most of every moment!


About us...

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